Superhuman Test

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Be Superhuman. All-Natural Male Hormone Optimization. SuperHuman Test Is a Male Hormone Optimizing Powerhouse Loaded with Premium, and Trademarked Ingredients to Help Increase Free Testosterone Levels, Boost Libido and Drive, Decrease Cortisol, and Restore Lost Energy Levels. Giving You the Most Freedom to Finally Feel SuperHuman Where It Matters Most. Feel Truly Alpha Again!


Reclaim Your Alpha Manhood!

    • Boost Energy

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  • Skyrocket your daily energy naturally with SuperHuman Test, so you can get manly sh*t done all day and still have energy for that “nighttime exercise.”
    • Boost Drive & Stamina

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  • Titillate your desires to the levels of past glory days. Just make sure your bed frame and dumbbells can handle it.
    • Improve Performance (inside the gym and bedroom)

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  • Remember when your nickname used to be “marathon man”? SuperHuman Test helps get that guy back in the places where lasting longer is most important.
  • Supports Increases in Lean Muscle Mass and Strength

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  • With increased testosterone levels, your body is jolted into new gear for putting on muscle and putting up more weight every time you train.


As a Dietary Supplement, Take 1 Serving (3 Capsules) Per Day With Your Morning or Evening Meal.


Not For Use By Individuals Under The Age of 18 years. Do Not Use If You Are Pregnant or Nursing. Do Not Exceed Recommended Serving. Exceeding Recommended Serving May Cause Serious Adverse Health Effects. Discontinue Use or Call a Physician or Licensed Qualified Health Care Professional Immediately if You Experience Any Adverse Symptoms. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.