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Flavor: Fruity Rebels
Merica Labz Super Sized - Fruity Rebels
Merica Labz Super Sized - Fluffy Chubby Nutz

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For decades, the holy triumvirate of small, medium, and large ruled over the size game. Anywhere in the world, for whatever the object – shirts, fries, drinks, whatever – your choices were three. But America was a nation founded on rebellion, on pushing the envelope, on taking good things and making them great. So, it is with sizes. Sick of the tyranny opposed on us by foreign rulers and their dainty and weak size choices, we busted out of the mold – literally – and created the unholy monster: super-sized. A new juggernaut was born, once again proving to the world that literally everything in America is bigger.

Finally, ‘Merica Labz brings the super-sized ethos to the world of weight gainers. Super-Sized is what happens when a bro obsessed with quality ingredients and solid nutrition meets a mad, ‘Merican scientist hell-bent on pushing everything to its maximum. Imagine it: whole foods such as (oats, whole-milk, and whey), combined with real frickin’ inclusions such as cereal or marshmallows! It’s like having your cake and eating it too – if your cake was the size of your face and jam-packed with enough protein to kill a pack of donkeys. Is a group of donkeys called a pack? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that this powder you’re about to stuff in your face tastes amazing, is chalk full of amazing ingredients, and is the perfect manifestation of the ‘Merica Labz ethos: NEVER BIG ENOUGH.



  • Quality Carbs and Protein- Oat flour combined with whey protein concentrate and organic cane sugar to bring superior quality to our mass gainer.
  • Real Food Inclusions- Fruity cereal, mini marshmallows, and real chocolate sandwich cookie pieces for an amazing taste experience.
  • Digestive Enzymes- Added digestive enzymes to ensure that all of these calories are light on your gut and go to good use.


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