KARMA: Low-Stim + High-Focus Pre

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Flavor: Juicy Burst
KARMA: Low-Stim + High-Focus Pre
KARMA: Low-Stim + High-Focus Pre
KARMA: Low-Stim + High-Focus Pre
KARMA: Low-Stim + High-Focus Pre

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KARMA is a well-rounded, lower stimulant & caffeine, nootropic (focus) heavy pre-workout that delivers a smooth release of energy with no crash, a NO3-T Nitrate pump profile and 6 trademarked ingredients. We did this while creating one of the most loaded focus profiles ever seen in a pre-workout & four absolutely mouthwatering flavor.

If you're looking for a pre-workout that gives an incredible level of focus while working out without a lot of stimulants or caffeine, Karma if the pre-workout for you.  



Karma is a low-stim pre-workout designed around users who want a premium product with low caffeine, very high focus (nootropics), that’s free of any banned substances and 3rd party tested. Karma provides an extremely smooth energy experience with only 200mg of caffeine Anhydrous, energy ingredients other than caffeine such as Theobromine and electrolytes & hydration from ingredients like Aquamin®. If you want a premium, full 25-serving, low-caffeine pre-workout in some of the best tasting, most unique flavors you’ve ever tasted, then Karma is the perfect pre-workout or you.