Frontline Formulations


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Flavor: Strawberry Banana
Frontline Formulations Gauntlet - Margarita Twist
Frontline Formulations Gauntlet - Strawberry Banana
Frontline Formulations Gauntlet - Mangolorian
Frontline Formulations Gauntlet - Blue Coconut Lemonade
Frontline Formulations Gauntlet - Big League Bubblegum

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Gauntlet is quickly becoming one of the most sought after mid stim pres on the market!

-Boasting 275mg of caffeine combined with 50mg of astragin for almost instant absorption!

-300mg of L-Theanine to prevent jitters and eliminate that typical pre-workout crash!

-Unrivaled skin tearing pumps with patented Alpha Size GPC and a whopping 6000my of citrulline!

- Comes in 5 mouthwatering flavors to keep your taste buds excited for every sip!


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