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Flavor: Tropical Paradise
SWOLE AF El Chapo Preworkout - Tigers Blood
SWOLE AF El Chapo Preworkout - Tigers Blood
SWOLE AF El Chapo Preworkout - Tigers Blood
SWOLE AF El Chapo Preworkout - Tigers Blood

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El Chapo pre workout is the most powerful, most potent pre-workout available at Swole AF. This high-stim Swole AF pre workout contains a variety of stimulants to give you clear, enduring energy so you can train with more strength, power, and endurance.

El CHAPO pre workout gives you the drive, vigor, stamina, and laser-like focus you need to work more and perform better. You'll have an insane amount of energy, focus, pump, and power thanks to our most powerful high-stimulant Swole AF pre workout!

If you're a stim-junkie who is constantly looking for a better pre-workout that can give you the sharp focus, high levels of energy, and uncontrollable strength you want. This formula is made to make you feel unstoppable.


El Chapo PreWorkout



Athletes know that training is serious business. There’s no room for anything other than total domination of your workouts. Escobar can help you train like a woman or man possessed so you can escape the average and achieve the extraordinary. You’ll experience:

  • Muscle endurance*
  • Power, energy and focus*
  • Mood enhancement*
  • Cognitive function*


WARNING! To gauge tolerance, start with a half scoop. 30 minutes before your workout, combine El Chapo with 8 to 10 oz (240 to 295 ml) of water. Preferably not when you're hungry. This is much stronger than Escobar pre workout and the most other pre workouts you've likely tested.

Because El Chapo contains a lot of stimulants and should only be used on training days, we advise against using it 5 hours before bedtime.