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Program Introduction:

Our brand ambassador program is designed as an affiliate style for you to earn cash from your network of friends, family, and social media followers. Join our team of athletes, loyal customers, and brand ambassadors united under The Supplement Shark!

What We're Looking For:

Self-starters who are able to SHINE and lead others toward the path of success. This could be as simple as having a defined 'look' on social media and the confidence to continue creating content that separates you from the crowd. We strongly recommend having at least 1,000 Instagram followers at the time you join the program.

10% Order Commissions & Savings

Earn a commission on each new customer order, for the lifetime of that customer. Plus, each new referral you send will receive a 10% OFF discount code for use on their first order.

Get Paid

Use your PayPal account and receive your monthly payout quickly and easily.


Getting Set Up is Easy!

Step 1: Promote Yourself

Using an affiliate link in your profile or promotional code on social media, work to educate your friends and followers to try products on our site. We have the best brands in the industry!

Step 2: People You Refer Save 10%

Any new customers that order from us will automatically get a 10% savings when they use your promotional code, affiliate link or email address. Of course, they will not know about this fun fact unless you TELL them in your posts!

Step 3: Track Your Sales

We will automatically track anyone who clicks your affiliate link or uses your promotional code during checkout. Once they have ordered and your conversion is approved, that customer can earn you money for life!

Step 4: Get Paid!

Once your conversion(s) have been reviewed and approved (nearly all are automatically approved by the system), the commission you've earned on a particular order is added to your payouts queue. Once you've accumulated enough cash (minimum $100) and/or it's been more than 30 days the conversion was approved, a PayPal Payout will be issued.


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