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Flavor: Rainbow Candy
VHI Spartacus Resurgence - Pink Lemonade
VHI Spartacus Resurgence - Rainbow Candy
VHI Spartacus Resurgence - Peach Rings
VHI Spartacus Resurgence - Frost Walker
VHI Spartacus Resurgence - Freedom

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Scientifically tested and proven pre workout formula touting efficacious doses of each ingredient to create a pre workout formula that is not only high energy providing 395mg of caffeine broken down into 3 different types for increased endurance while simultaneously preventing a crash similar to what is experienced with cheaper formulas but also a phenomenal pump with 6g of Citrulline and razor-sharp focus. The inventors of Spartacus not only spent years creating the best pre workout formula from an ingredient standpoint they also hired the best formulators in the country to make sure flavoring was the best in the business and it is!