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14 Grams Of Protein

Out of all three macronutrients, protein takes the most energy for you body to digest....which means you burn more calories from digesting protein than fat or carbs. Not only that, 14g is enough to maintain and even build lean muscle mass while keeping you full at the same time.

12 Grams Of Fiber

When your body is hungry, feed it fiber. Not only will it help with digestion and help regulate cholesterol, fiber is infamously known for keeping you from getting hungry throughout the day. You can use your Protein Pie to keep you from craving those midnight snacks.

All Natural Ingredients

At FINAFLEX, quality is everything. We don't use any synthetic or artificial fillers to make our Protein Pie's taste great. That delicious and chewy texture that reminds you of Grandma's secret recipe comes from Mother Nature herself. 



Contains Milk.

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