Protein Crispy Treat (12pk)

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Flavor: Classic Marshmallow
Protein Crispy Treat - Marshmallow
Protein Crispy Treat - S'mores

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Announcing the Purus Protein Crispy Treat!

With a protein-packed rice cereal base and delicious marshmallow combined with superior-flavor, our Protein Crispy Treat fulfills both the needs of the taste buds and the body to the last bite.

No matter what age, Protein Crispy Treats tick all the boxes for the health-conscious foodies, as well as demanding moms and dads, seeking a better option for on-the-go snacks they (and their kids) will love.

If you’re counting macros, this snack fits easily into your daily goals. That’s why our slogan is All Treat, No Cheat ! Give your sweet tooth what it wants without worrying.