SuperHuman Armor

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Right now, a healthy immune system is more vital than ever before...

And for serious immune system strengthening, you need serious defense...

And that's why Alpha Lion created SuperHuman Armor—an innovative new immune support formula...

Loaded with 7 of the most powerful immune-boosting ingredients on the planet!



As a Dietary Supplement, Take 3 Capsules (1 Serving) Per Day. For Increased Immune Support You May Take 3 Capsules (1 Serving) Twice Per Day.


Not For Use By Individuals Under The Age of 18 years. Do Not Use If You Are Pregnant or Nursing. Do Not Exceed Recommended Serving. Exceeding Recommended Serving May Cause Serious Adverse Health Effects. Discontinue Use or Call a Physician or Licensed Qualified Health Care Professional Immediately if You Experience Any Adverse Symptoms. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.