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Flavor: Tropsicle
Alani Nu Energy - Mimosa
Alani Nu Energy - Tropsicle
Alani Nu Energy - Breezeberry
Alani Nu Energy - Cherry Slush
Alani Nu Energy - Cosmic Stardust
Alani Nu Energy - Hawaiian Shaved Ice
Alani Nu Energy - Witch's Brew
Alani Nu Energy - Berry Pop
Alani Nu Energy - Rocket Pop
Alani Nu Energy - Blue Slush
Alani Nu Energy - Dream Float
Alani Nu Energy - Juicy Peach

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Buh-bye, burnout! Refresh and reset with our best-selling Alani Energy. Each can serves up 200mg of caffeine and bold flavor – all for 15 calories or less and 0g of sugar! With a dash of vitamin B6 and B12, these energy drinks will help keep you and your natural glow at your brightest – even on your busiest days. 


Contains: 200mg Of Caffeine Per 12 Oz Serving. Not Recommended For Children, People Sensitive To Caffeine, Pregnant Women Or Women Who Are Nursing.


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