You Pick Our Next Brand!

You Pick Our Next Brand

As we continue to expand, we want you to be the deciding factor on what brands we bring in. You have all shown amazing loyalty to our current brands, and hope you continue to. Our industry is always evolving, and brands like Axe and Sledge, and Panda Supplements are impressive in their own right. 

Panda supplements was part of the Limited Edition we just sold with BlackMarket Labs. They have many edgy products from pre-workouts, post-workouts, greens, and more. 

Axe and Sledge is led by Seth Feroce, and has put out many awesome products in the past. Full dosed pre's and hardcore test boosters. Awesome and creative flavors too! Including Icee and Whiskey and Cola. 

This will be a hard one to choose, but I hope you'll give us your opinions!

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