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There is a niche movement that is catching hold – the desire for a stimulant-free pre-workout. There are some great reasons why some people don’t want their pre-workout supplements to contain stimulants: not everyone works-out during the day, and stimulants inhibit a good night’s sleep sensitivities to caffeine and other...

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FInaflex and Moon Pie's Power Pie is Here!

Derek Brooks

Finaflex is joining forces with Moon Pie to make a protein packed version called Power Pie! The product is said to have the same MoonPie experience from taste to texture, featuring two crumbly cookies, a marshmallow filling, and covered in milk chocolate, but with more than four times the protein at...

Healthy Tips During the Holiday Season

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The Holiday season is quickly approaching, and let's face it, holidays and your fitness goals don’t always go well together. During this time of year, most people are less focused on hitting their fitness goals, and more likely to be eating treats, spending time relaxing, and indulging in some holiday...

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Importance of Cheat Meals

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Are you trying to stick to a strict diet to reach your fitness goals but crave a lot to eat your favorite food? What if we tell you that you can maintain a healthy diet while eating your favorite food. Maintaining a healthy diet for a long period could be...

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Mental Health and Lifting Weights

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If you think about it, lifting weights can actually be a good metaphor for mental health. There are so many exercises you can do, and you can work every part of your body if you so choose. In fact, there are even multiple ways that you can exercise the same...

Why Take Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplements?

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provided by My Obvi In your journey to look and feel your best, you’ll come across all types of supplements claiming to do it all. But one supplement that may actually be able to claim this is super collagen. There are so many benefits of super collagen that we’ve decided to compile...


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Training Your Legs The Right Way Hitting legs is, without a doubt, one of the most intensive body parts to train. This is because the legs are a large muscle group that requires a lot of energy and attention. That's why in programs such as PPL, Legs often get their...

Milk and Cookies NO Bake Blondies

Derek Brooks

FUN PROTEIN FILLED BLONDIES What we put in THE BLONDIES:   2 scoops ProtoLyte® Milk and Cookies  1.5 cups oat four or blended oats   4 tbsp coconut flour  1/4 stevia or sweetener of choice  8 tbsp natural almond butter or nut butter of choice  1/4 sugar free maple syrup 1/2 cup almond milk...