Black Magic x Panda Supps Sinister Pre

Sinister Pre-Workout is here! A Black Magic x Panda Supp Collaboration

We are happy to announce that Sinister, a Black Magic Supply and Panda Supps Collaboration, is available now on the site! You can get it in Kiwi Apple and Blue Shark Gummy flavors. 

SINISTER PRE-Workout, a collaboration between Panda Supps and Black Magic Supply. A limited-edition release that is nothing short of a powerhouse. This premium pre-workout is packed with fully dosed ingredients that will etch its mark in your memory for years to come. 

Here's some highlights of the breakdown of the ingredients:
- L-Citrulline: 10,000 mg
- L-Tyrosine: 1,500 mg
- Alpha GPC: 600 mg
- Beta Alanine: 4,000 mg
- Agmatine: 1,000 mg
- VasoDrive AP: 508 mg
- Kanna: 250 mg
- S7: 100 mg


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