Power Pie is available now

FInaflex and Moon Pie's Power Pie is Here!

Finaflex is joining forces with Moon Pie to make a protein packed version called Power Pie! The product is said to have the same MoonPie experience from taste to texture, featuring two crumbly cookies, a marshmallow filling, and covered in milk chocolate, but with more than four times the protein at 14g thanks to its inclusion of milk and whey isolate.

PowerPie has 27g of carbohydrates with 9g of that sugar, 14g of fat, and 290 calories. Those numbers are for the product’s Chocolate flavor and vary slightly for the other flavor, Vanilla. Compared to a regular MoonPie, the PowerPie has more fat and calories but a bit over 25% lower carbohydrates, just under half the sugar, and, as mentioned, more than four times the protein.

Power Pie available now

Power Pie isn’t as lean as a typical protein bar or a traditional protein powder-made protein shake, but it’s undoubtedly a better-for-you snack aiming for that classic mouthwatering MoonPie experience with less sugar and more protein. It’s an extremely exciting product that looks and sounds like it’ll taste amazing, with a lot of our confidence coming from the fact it’s been put together with MoonPie itself.

Power Pie has officially been added to our site and will be in stock ASAP. The product will be available in two flavors, both of which are from the menu of the classic single-decker MoonPie in Chocolate and Vanilla.

Power Pie Supplement Facts

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