My Diet, and How to Stay in Shape During the Holidays

My Diet, and How to Stay in Shape During the Holidays

One thing I know we all struggle at is our diet. Especially during the holidays. There are so many ways to combat it, but which ways can actually work for you, and not destroy your hard work all year trying to be healthy and in shape. Here's what works for me.

Intermittent fasting... I work a lot in the morning, I have kids also, so stopping to make breakfast isn't always in the cards. So, I set my fasting window around my schedule. I'll usually have my first meal at 11am or so, and my last meal around 8pm. I also work out in the morning, so I'm capitalizing on burning fat instead of carbs during training. One way to avoid burning muscle during training is to add aminos into your supplement routine, and a good test booster or something anabolic would definitely help.

Carb Cycling... Even though I intermittent fast, I still carb cycle. I usually determine my cycle around my workouts. More carbs on or before leg days or back days. You may need to test the waters and see how you respond to different carb amounts, but I usually do 50/150/300. I also have a cheat meal every week, sometimes twice haha.   

Macros... Lastly, I set my carb, protein, and fat macros for each day. I'm usually pretty flexible with what I eat, as long as it fits in the macros. Obviously eating all your carbs in sugar won't work, but I may have a treat after a workout. 

It's easy to lay all these tips out there, but consistency is what it always boils down to. Same in the gym. You slack off, your results will not be what you planned. So, pick a plan, stick to it for a couple months and see how you respond to it. You can always change it up if you see it isn't best for your goals or lifestyle!


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