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Let’s Talk About Your Diet

Provided by AP Regimen

What are you eating?  Do you know what you eat on a daily basis?  A lot of the time people go to coaches or “fit friends” with hopes to lose weight and get fit.  They say “I don’t understand why I can’t lose, I eat so well…” but the truth is they’re eating a lot more than they think!  Many of us eat mindlessly, we walk by the reception desk at work and pop a candy in our mouths, we finish off the last bites of what was leftover by our children, we eat in front of the television; we eat on the run.  This mindless eating adds-up on the calorie front and you probably don’t even remember doing it.

Being More Mindful

It’s a safe bet to say that most of us don’t know what we eat every day.  Do you keep a food diary?  Seeing it in black and white can be quite an awakening!   What’s more, when we’re forced into being mindful of what we eat, we actually learn what it feels like to be full.  We know this as babies (if we didn’t then we would eat until we explode like goldfish) but we grow to ignore this, without even realizing it.  Your body needs a bit of time to signal the brain when it’s had enough food but if you’re eating mindlessly you’re usually eating quickly, resulting in consuming way more calories than you actually require to be full.  Whereas if you’re paying attention and eating in the moment because you know you have to write it down and be accountable, you will feel full and stop when you’ve had enough.


Next let’s talk supplements – these are called “supplements” for a reason!  They help to SUPPLEMENT a healthful nutrition plan.  Things like our AP Regimen Iso-Protein Powder or Whey Blend, EAA+Hydro & Hyber-Nite are beneficial to everybody.  Of course, you can add things Non-Stim, Top Burn or our Pre-Workout to give you an extra lift, and really cover all of your bases.  Use these in conjunction with a proper diet and you will be amazed at first of all how easy it is to stick to (protein powder is a savior for those of us with a sweet tooth) and how well they support your goals in and out of the gym.



So, here is your homework!  For the next couple of days, record everything you eat.  Every. Single. Morsel. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t something you will have to do for the rest of your life.  It’s just to make you to stop and think – to be mindful of what you’re eating.  Are you eating as little or as healthfully as you thought you were?

This is a simple exercise to ensure you’re being truthful to yourself regarding your nutrition.  Only now will you be able to move forward and make changes because you can clearly see where the changes need to take place.  Do you eat all the macronutrients?  Are you overeating?  Undereating?  Are you consistent?

Knowing is half the battle!  Now, take that knowledge and make a change!!

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