A look at Alpha Lion's Superhuman Burn

A look at Alpha Lion's Superhuman Burn

About Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn:

I have to admit that I’ve tried a lot of pre-workout formulas; there are so many on the market. I know what I want and what I don't want. We carry a lot of the best one's here at The Supplement Shark!

Top of the list of things I wanted was a high intensity formula, that didn't give me a huge crash at the end. I also wanted to capitalize on calories burning during training since I'm not a cardio fan!

Well, I found the perfect pre-workout formula that offers these benefits and way more; Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn.


Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn

Superhuman Workout?

It seems almost gimmicky to state such a bold claim on a product.

Is it true? Absolutely! Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is the most powerful energy and focus pre-workout formula. Why? Because it uses maximum doses of patented, clinically tested ingredients for maximum results.

If you are looking for a potent, clean energy, skin tearing pumps, maximum muscle strength, and laser-like focus without that dreadful crash, then Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is the way to go.

So, what’s in it? Let’s find out!

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn: Ingredients

First of all, Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is the premier pre-workout formula that is max dosed in all the 5 pillars of a perfect pre-workout. What do I mean?

1)Powerful energy and focus without crashing

This seems to be the dominant problem with most of the pre-workout formulas. So, what’s difference in the Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn?

It combines L-Theanine with 2 forms of caffeine to exert clean, enduring energy, and focus without the seemingly inevitable crunch. L-Theanine is a unique amino acid commonly found in black tea. It is known to help in relaxing the brain without causing drowsiness.

All of these ingredients create a symbiotic effect to ensure a maxed-out workout experience for you.

2)Superhuman Strength and Endurance

This pillar is supported by 2 powerful muscle-building ingredients at clinical doses.

We have Beta Alanine dosed at 3200mg to increase carnosine levels and thus improve muscle endurance and muscle strength building.

Additionally, there’s Betaine Anhydrous dosed at 2500mg which works synergistically with Beta Alanine to increase muscle and cellular hydration, support the muscle and strength building process, improve power and endurance, and promote heart health.

3)Long Lasting Skin Tearing pumps

Often, pump formulas are sold separately. Fortunately, Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn includes a top-tier pump formula that combines 2 patented ingredients to increase nitric oxide production.

We have S7® which increases nitric oxide levels by 260% in a 50mg dose and Nitrosigine® which is a complex of Inositol-stabilized arginine silicate. Nitrosigine is clinically proven to increase pre-workout energy levels, muscle pump vivacity, and mental acuity while reducing muscle damage.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn also includes an above clinical dose of L-Citrulline which is perfect for maximum vasodilation, cognition, nutrient delivery, oxygenation, and increased growth hormone production.

4)Optimal Performance

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is without a doubt the best, most powerful pre-workout formula to achieve maximum shred, muscle fullness, and superhuman physique.

5)Enhanced nutrient absorption

This final pillar Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn tackles with a double patented nutrient absorption matrix.

We have BioPerine® which is proven to improve absorption of nutrients, promote gut health, and boost fat metabolism. BioPerine is extracted from black pepper.

We also have AstraGin® which is incredibly useful in increasing L-Arginine and L-Citrulline absorption rate. This improves the overall nutrient absorption rate in the body and helps with muscle recovery rate.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn Flavors

Smurf Juice

Hulk Juice

Cherry Popper

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